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The One Fest 2016

The One Fest 2016

Part of a joint exhibition, Alvaro's coverage of Bonderam (the harvest festival in Goa, India) and a local baker was chosen to be showcased at The International Film Festival of India.

A poder, a local Goan baker


Bonderam - The flag festival of Divar Island Goa, India.


On the fourth Saturday of August every year, is when this sleepy village comes alive to celebrate an old tradition that is exclusive to this island only in Goa. 

During colonial rule in Goa, there were frequent disputes between two sections of the island over property issues. These often led to violence amongst the villagers. Subsequently, the government introduced a system to demarcate boundaries with flags known as bandeiras. 


The festival draws everyone out of their homes for the fancy dress parade and the music that lasts late into the night.

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