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The Making of a Bespoke Tasting Menu

Suzie's is a whimsical garden restaurant nestled in the jungle bylanes of Goa, India. With a team passionate about creating a unique dining experience that combines great food with flavours from around the world to create a truly memorable experience.

The artistry of the videography adds a special touch that captured the essence of the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. 

Life at Suzie's

Alvaro was commissioned to create a

video about the mind that goes into creating a bespoke tasting menu.

This video came out on women's day.

Cabinet De Curio

Head chef Suchint Dillon holds a strong belief in a circular economy. Part of her vision was to include the wears of Goa based artisans in her business. The Cabinet de Curio is a product of that to which Alvaro was commissioned to create a short video introducing it to their social media audience.

New Ingredients


On a trip for some inspiration to Margao in South Goa, chef Suchint found a myriad of flavours and new seasonal produce on sale.

Some of which made their way onto the menu.

Alvaro created a short video about that journey and the intrigue that comes across ones mind when perusing for new ideas.

Le Souk de Suzie


Shooting le Souk de Suzie was super fun. It got underway just before Christmas and was filled with festive cheer. 

Around the beginning of December, Alvaro started visiting pop-up markets to work out a way to show what was going to be on sale in a way authentic way for the event.

The idea was to shoot a continuous video which could be broken into short Instagram stories (one for each stall). 

Drinks at Christmas


Christmas is one of the largest festivals celebrated in Goa and occurs during the peak of the tourism season. 


During the busiest time of the year, the bar is often overlooked by the diners. To show Suzie's  as a multi sensorial experience, one video was focus on the drink menu.

Magic & Sparkle

Diwali, the festival of light was brought in with all its festivities at the restaurant.

It marks the ramping up of business until new years day in Goa.

The kitchen always bring a some extra magic for its guests when there is a they've a little more reason to celebrate.

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