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Grand Hyatt 

The Grand Hyatt always puts on a show to bring in the new year. The new years party for 2020 was no exception, with dancing, music and sparkle worthy of it title.

International Film Festival of India

The 47th edition of IffI saw a hugh increase in the number of delegates visiting the its venues, which were spread across Goa's capital. Here Alvaro aimed to capture the experience and emotions of being part of a cultural movement.

Gavin & Kara's Wedding

Although hard to come across, the best weddings are usually the smallest. Kara and Gavin's family home hosted their glitzy and cosy party after mass at Anjuna Church in Goa.

Shaan's Hubli Set

EDM ( electronic dance music) arose in the late 1980's in Europe, emerging from raves and pirate radio. It's upsurge has growth across the globe to be integral to mainstream music. 

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